Thursday, August 30, 2007

Instant Richart

Imagine a world where your medicine was jelly beans, your watch made of licorice and your toothpaste? Chocolate.
The last time I visited Richart, I picked up what could only be described as chocolate toothpaste. They call it "Soloist - Mon Instant Richart." Richart has been around a long time, but they are one of the most innovative chocolate companies out there. They told me this product was designed for those who love filled chocolates but can't always carry them around.
I suppose that makes sense when the weather is hot (like any city in the summer other than SF!) or you are stuck on a wilderness expedition, miles away from chocolate loving civilization. So the Soloist is really the pure chocolate filling. And you can pick your flavor. I chose the "vanille en ganache" from Venezuela.

The label listed quite a few ingredients: creme, cacao, sirop de glucose, sucre, sorbitol, alcool, huile d'amande, vanille, lecithine de soja, carraghenanes. Pardon the French (literally), but this is a real French company, no translation provided. I'd be happier with a smaller, more natural sounding list, but I suppose this combination of ingredients means that my little tube could last quite some time.

Yesterday as I was rushing from one appointment to another, with no time for lunch, let alone dessert, I rememered my Soloist. Like a pack of gum, it was wedged into a corner compartment of my bag. And so I indulged. Would I have preferred a fresh truffle? Yes. But was this better than a cookie or brownie? Definitely. Will I let this get in the hands of my two-year-old? Not for a second!